Thursday, July 01, 2004

Right Thinking Girl: Love In A Time Of Danger: "The fight against terrorism isn't just happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. It's still happening here at home, in places like Virginia and New York City. It's being waged in the 3,000 families who aren't finished grieving over their loved ones and who will never be finished grieving. It's being waged every time a wife wakes up to the crying baby who will never know his father, and every time a man wakes up in a cold sweat dreaming that his wife jumped to avoid being burned alive."

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Won't you pour me a Cuban breeze, Gretchen?:

THE GOODBYE LOOK (by Donald Fagen)

The surf was easy on the day I came to stay
On this quiet island in the bay
I remember a line of women all in white
The laughter and the steel bands at night

Now the Americans are gone exept for two
The embassy's been hard to reach
There's been talk and lately a bit of action after dark
Behind the big casino on the beach

The rules are changed
It's not the same
It's all new players in a whole new ball game

Last night I dreamed of an old lover dressed in gray
I've had this fever now since yesterday
Wake up darling they're knocking the Colonel's standing in the sun
With his stupid face the glasses and the gun

I know what happens
I read the book
I believe I just got the goodbye look

Won't you pour me a Cuban breeze, Gretchen?

I know a fellow with a motor launch for hire
A skinny man with two-tone shoes
Cause tonight they're arranging a small reception just for me
Behind the big casino by the sea

I know what happens
I read the book
I believe I just got the goodbye look