Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Video Playlist: Space

Here's a video playlist I put together that features views of earth from space. I recommend putting your computer on mute for this. Instead, you might want to listen to Darkside of the Moon, or any music of your choice. It syncs well with almost any kind of music.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Quick! Before the tan fades!

Here's a mix for summer 2010. It was a great one, filled with sun, beaches, boats, fun nights out and even funner nights in.

I'm dedicating this mix to my Squires who made this summer awesome.

On the cover is a picture of the sunset over the bay side of Ventnor City, NJ. Ventnor. That's three consonants in a row. You don't see that too often. It's a real challenge for the American pallet. Can I buy a vowel?

Most of the tracks on this mix are from 2010, with the exception of one song from the 80s and one from 1966. These songs were in heavy rotation in my room and on The Bridge for the whole summer.

Download the mix as a zip file with separate mp3s for each track.
Download the mix as a wma file.

1-The Drums-Let's Go Surfing
2-Surfer Blood-Neighbor Riffs
3-Gorillaz-Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack)
4-Bananarama-Cruel Summer
5-J.Viewz-Salty Air (ft. Noa Lembersky)
6-Comanche-Velvet Morning
7-Washed Out-Feel It All Around
8-Beach House-Norway
9-Karolina-Alone Again
10-Toro Y Moi-You Hid
11-Beach Boys-Sloop John B
12-Real Estate-Beach Comber
13-Tame Impala-Expectations
14-Hot Chip-Alley Cats
15-The xx-Islands
16-Pantha Du Prince-Im Bann
17-Teen Daze-Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
18-Sacha Baron Cohen-Tapas
19-Uzi Navon and Acquaintances-A Little More

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

International Jet Set III

This Saturday night, March 27, I will be doing a Jet Set at the Cosa Nostra. Party starts at 10:00PM and should run through about 2:00AM. There's no cover charge and the drinks aren't all that pricey.

I'll be spinning tunes off my latest mixes, and previewing stuff from the next one. You can expect to hear stuff from Iceland, Sweden, Japan, Eastern Europe, Eastern Pennsylvania, Israel and other happening places around the world.

Cosa Nostra: Nachalat Binyamin 10, Tel Aviv
March 27, 2010 10:00PM-2:00AM
I'll be the guy with the headphones.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This year I made two mixes to celebrate my birthday. I gave away a few copies during Purim, which fell out on my actual birthday. But since I celebrate my birthday until March 3, I figured these mixes are just under the wire.

Turn Up The Decibels

All the tracks in this mix are from 2009. The picture is from my last gig as a professional DJ. It was actually a very nice affair at the Mutter Museum. I like the cufflinks in the picture. They were a gift from my father.

  • 1-WhoMadeWho-Keep Me in My Plane: The video for this song is great.
  • 2-Passion Pit-The Reeling: I have an ongoing battle in my mind against the people who work in marketing. If I'm turned onto a cool track and it shows up in a commercial, I win. If there's a cool song that I've never heard of in a commercial, they win. I usually win. Whether it's Royksopp in a Geico ad, M. Ward in a Budweiser commerical or Nick Drake plugging VWs, I usually win. I was recently caught out by a cell phone ad. The campaign had a song by Passion Pit called Sleepyhead. It's a great track,and I recall hearing it and thinking, "What is this?" But for this mix, I've chosen an even better song by Passion Pit, one that is untainted by the evil of marketing.
  • 3-Persian Radio-The Khaaaakh: This clip is from Family Guy. In the episode, Stewie says, I wish I hadn't stayed up all night listening to Persian Radio. At the end of the clip, the guy really sells the חחחחח.
  • 4-Datarock-Give It Up: The last verse of this track says it all. "We'll hook you up to an enema/Oh oh oh oh/And don't stop till you get enough."
  • 5-The Gossip-Your Mangled Heart: Lesbian riot grrl Beth Ditto screams with a heartfelt passion for unrequited love. "I don't want the world/I only want what I deserve."
  • 6-Kinny-Enough Said: More unrequited love in this track. Even though it came out this year, it sounds like classic Motown.
  • 7-Neon Indian-Deadbeat Summer: This past New Year's Eve, I was at home with acute bronchitis. I didn't go out to any parties, and stayed home instead and did shots of cough syrup. Whenever this track turned up in my playlist, with all it's sloppy and off-key notes, I would get up and do a little jig.
  • 8-YACHT-Psychic City: Another good video. I enjoy the water drop loop and the fun lyrics.
  • 9-Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum-Avalanches: Aquarium Drunkard does a much better job of explaining this one.
  • 10-Marissa Nadler-River Of Dirt: This song has a haunting sound to it. Wish I had put this song in its place.
  • 11-St. Vincent-The Strangers: More spooky sounds.
  • 12-Animal Collective-My Girls
  • 13-Espers-Trollslända: This whole album is a trip. Very chill. Mellow.
  • 14-Múm-Sing Along: This is almost a pop song from múm. Normally, these Icelandish artists make clicky loopy sounding stuff.
  • 15-Deep Cuts From The Cheeze-I'm In Charge: This is my friend Cheeze. He's actually a muppet.
  • 16-Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse-Revenge: It's actually Flaming Lips and somehow, David Lynch is involved.
  • 17-Songs-Clouds
  • 18-Girls-Lauren Marie: This one didn't fit on the disc version.

Clip The Card

This mix went through about four major revisions, but I'm pretty happy with where it is now. I recommend listening to it while drinking red wine, flying overseas, or both. Many of the sounds are international, or specifically Israeli or Scandahoovian.

  • 1-Dan Mangan-Robots
  • 2-Gustav and The Seasick Sailors-Sadie Says
  • 3-Kurt Vile-Blackberry Song: I saw Kurt Vile at Johnny Brendas and recorded some great video of the show. After the concert, I asked him if he minds if I post it to YouTube. He said he would mind. So, I didn't post it. I recommend seeing him. He's very talented.
  • 4-Oi Va Voi-Every Time: Starts off mellow, and then it takes a sharp turn to Eastern Europe. My nephew got a preview copy of this mix and tweeted that he was listening to it on the way to a doctor.
  • 5-Sally Shapiro-Time To Let Go: Although the name of the band sounds like someone who might have been on one of my Birthright trips, these are Swedes.
  • 6-Onili-Omizu: She's coming to Silk City in Philadelphia on March 23, 2010. I'm going to be in Tel Aviv at the time so I'll have to miss it. I would highly recommend going to the show. Great artist in a great venue. And at $6 it's a bargain. I would bring three friends with me.
  • 7-Santogold-Lights Out
  • 8-m83-We Own The Sky
  • 9-Buscemi-Nothing To Worry About
  • 10-Spylab-Celluloid Hypnotic
  • 11-The Karminksy Experience-Departures: If you listen really closely, about 12 seconds into the track, right before it kicks, you can hear Thomas say, "Here's Adam. Going to clip the card." I sampled it from this video. From that moment on, the mix rolls out into a coma-inducing mellow vibe. I used my Klippekort as the album art.
  • 12-The Flaming Lips-The Impulse
  • 13-Koop-Beyond the son: I'm not sure what Earl Zinger is blathering on and on about on this track. Frankly, I don't care. But I really like the sound of his voice.
  • 14-Metropolin-Malachim (Angels)