Monday, September 28, 2009

A Happy Yom Kippur on Twitter

Yom Kippur was trending on Twitter this year. Trending means that it's one of the most common terms being used on Twitter at that moment. It's interesting to see what people were tweeting about. There were a ton of tweets about either having the day off of school or not having it off. The same applies to work. It also seems a lot of people had extra time on their hands since the commute was so much easier without all the Jews going to work. Then there were people saying "happy yom kippur," others saying, "it's solemn, not happy," and yet others saying, "get over it."

Here's My Top Ten Yom Kippur Tweets for 5770:

  • 10 - Ground Rules
A rabbi says atoning for Yom Kippur on Twitter & Facebook doesn't work. Gosh darn it.

  • 9 - Half Jewish
waaaait...I just realized, if it's Yom Kippur, and I'm semi-jewish..I'm not supposed to work..which means I can leave the office
(It launched a discussion of being half-Jewish on his page: are you half-circumcized?)

  • 8 - Not Even Half
Yom Kippur. Jewish day for repentance & thoughts of atomement. I am remembering my at-one-ment with God thru the Messiah, Jesus.

  • 7 - I Am My Own Jewish Friend
Called a colleague today, totally forgetting he's Jewish and today is Yom Kippur. What makes it really bad is *I'm* Jewish. Oops.

  • 6 - Twitter Is Better Than Hebrew School
Thanks twitter for reminding me I need to call my grandparents... it's Yom Kippur. I already missed Rosh Hashanah... oops.

  • 5 - No Clue About Yom Kippur or Jews
Happy Yom Kippur to all my Jewish buddies out there. Take it easy on the Menishevitz. That could lead to one nasty hangover.

  • 4 - Noticing the Divine Hand
i think god may be punishing me for going to work on yom kippur. "oh you want to work on the holiday? Fine, work all 24 hours then."

  • 3 - Wishing On A Weinstein
TBS is playing the banned-by-Fox Jewish episode of Family Guy. On Yom Kippur. Huh. #badtiming

  • 2 - Where Do YOU Go To Shul?
Tweeted about my breasts in a synagogue and gained a handful of pornbots and a @TinyJesus. I *might* be doing Yom Kippur wrong.

  • 1 - Just As Fast
It's ok to eat Burger King on Yom Kippur because it's "Fast food"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Went Out And Achieved Anyways!

I forgot to bring my camera to Lebowski Fest. There were so many Dudes, Walters, Maudes, and Jesuses with a few Jackie Treehorns and nihilists added in for good measure. There were a pair of guys dressed as Lennin, John and V.I.

And I got no pics.

I asked my #1 to take a single picture with me standing near Adrienne the Waitress dressed as Maude the Valkyrie.

She wants to go on Birthright...