Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Took A Week Off From Facebook

I was thinking that I had developed some kind of facebook problem. I spent too much downtime looking at my phone for facebook status updates. I craved getting comments and likes from the random thoughts and mundane minutiae of my daily life. I wanted to see what would happen if I took a week off. So I uninstalled the app from my phone and didn't check in at all for a week. Here's what I found when I returned:

Friend Requests: 1

From a local organization which doesn’t know how to set up an organization fan page and instead has made a personal profile. I clicked “Not Now,” and then when asked if I know this “person” outside of facebook, I said, “yes.”

Messages: 4

Three were for events that I was invited to, but never responded to. I deleted them without reading.

One was a response to a “happy birthday” post I made on a former birthrighter’s wall.

Notifications: 41

Event invitations to things in or around Philly, including duplicates: 13
Event invitations in other American cities: 6
Event invitations in Israel: 3
Postings in groups I belong to: 14
Links on my wall: 1
Likes for stuff: 2
Tagged photo of me: 1
Comment on photo of me: 1

My conclusion is to spend less time on Facebook and leave the app off the phone. If there's something worth sharing, I can always do it later. Like I'm doing now.

With my spare time this week I was able to focus on my job search and apply for three jobs. I attended two Professional Development Workshops. One was a workshop by the Cultural Alliance called “Strengthening Your Social Net,” and the other was a webinar from Netbase called “Optimizing LinkedIn For Business Success.” Both were informative, interesting and useful. As unemployment remains high, and managers must squeeze extra productivity out of employees, the prospects become more difficult the longer a person is out of a job.

I went to two concerts this week. Gang Gang Dance and Further.

Gang Gang Dance at Johnny Brenda’s

They have a dreamy, 80's inspired electronic sound with coos and yelps from Lizzi Bougatsos. The band was great but the venue was sweltering. I should have brought a towel to soak up the schvitz. One happy concert goer bragged to me after the show that Lizzi threw him her sweat soaked towel. A gross memento from a hot show.

Further at The Mann Center

I have to admit right from the beginning that I'm not really a Dead Head. But since I married one, I've enjoyed the two Further shows that I've seen. I love the audience because they make me feel young and thin. The music is actually pretty good. Speaking objectively the show involves two old dudes from the Grateful Dead touring with a couple of really kick-ass musicians.

It saddens me that Amy Winehouse didn’t survive Saturn’s Return, but the Tears Dry On Their Own: Al Usher Remix or N.Y.P.C. 'f*cked' mix.

And now for sports:

The Philadelphia Phillies have the best record in baseball at this point in the season. They win approximately 70% of their home games. I’ve gone to the stadium to see them twice this season. They lost both games. That’s 100%. It also rains every time I go. Next time I will try another outfit.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx - We're Here Now

I got turned on to this album by Kol HaCampus, an Israeli radio station.

You can listen to the whole album here:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kurt Vile at World Cafe Live

Last time I saw Kurt Vile, I asked him if I could post a video on the web.
He was like, "Well, if you're asking me, then I say no. Really. I mean, if you post it without my knowing..."
So this time I'm posting without asking.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Open Letter to Israeli Musicians

To Israeli musicians, DJs and bands:

I try to promote Israeli music in the US. While in Tel Aviv for the month of January 2011, I would love to meet up with you for a short interview.

The interviews will be short and painless.

Here are the the questions I will ask:

1. Who is your greatest musical influence?
2. Who is your favorite Israeli artist currently performing?
3. What's in your pockets right now?
4. Where can you get the best hummus in Israel?
5. Do you plan on touring the US? If so, you can stay at my place in Philly.

I've been thinking of adding a sixth question:

6. If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?

Interviews will be posted on YouTube.