Thursday, March 02, 2006

mennu method blue and white radio blog

I got a call today from someone looking for an Israeli DJ. It's hard to describe the type of Israeli music that I like because there's such a good range of it. So I made a radioblog like the one on the right over there. All the artist on the jukebox are Israeli, regardless of whether they sing in English or Hebrew. Some of it's instrumental. I'll write a more detailed description of it later.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mennu method at mocca

Every other week I'll be hosting an Israeli evening at the mocca lounge:
  • Dinner will be served "Israeli Steak House" style. Totally alla keffak.
  • A vintage Israeli movie will be screened.
  • A DJ set featuring some of the best Israeli music from the '60's until today.
Stay tuned for more details, or join my mailing list:

Monday, February 27, 2006

#1: First Playlist

Here's a little bit about my first playlist. The biggest problem I had was the order of the songs. I hope to work it out soon.

  1. Chaser - Blue Planet: One of my all time favorite songs. Sometimes I get fed up with this planet and think of leaving, and then something happens, or I'll see something and it makes me think that this planet isn't so bad after all. This song reminds me of this concept. Over the years I listened to it on the " Om Lounge 3" compilation, but this version is actually from the Fila Brazillia - " Brazillification" album.
  2. The Go! Team - Friendship Update: The Go! Team's album " Thunder, Lightning, Strike" was recommended to me by An Elf. When I listen to their album, I feel like I'm in my own Kill Bill movie. It's got that retro cool sound made by people who listened to a lot of Run-DMC as kids.
  3. Caribou - Hello Hammerheads: Another recommendation by An Elf. Their album, " The Milk of Human Kindness" is chock full of really interesting stuff.
  4. Belle & Sebastian - Waiting for the Moon to Rise: Although they have a new album, I took this track off the excellently named album "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant.
  5. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better: Got this one off the Erlend Øye "DJ Kicks." The album features a lot of artists from the Astralwerks label, but often, Erlend sings along with the tune, usually imposing the lyrics of one song over another one. This track is a lot of fun.
  6. Kings of Convenience - Leaning Against a Wall (Evil Tordevil Remix): from "Versus." The melancholy of the lyrics contrast with upbeat remix. A few years ago I downloaded almost all the tracks on this album. I finally rounded out the collection.
  7. David Holmes - Gritty Shaker: from "Lets Get Killed." I love the talking he does in the beginning, but most of all, I think that the term "Gritty Shaker" is a good description of some of my friends. I wish I was able to control the order of the mix, because this song would have appeared at a different point and not in the middle of my Scandinavian mix.
  8. Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning: I got turned onto this group recently and I can't get enough of them. Check them out:
  9. Mo' Horizons - Soho Vibes: From "Remember Tomorrow." Recently, while I was buying CDs in Israel, the shop keeper turned me on to a number of recent Israeli dub reggae albums, but he felt that it was necessary that I add this gem of a CD into my collection.
  10. Sylk 130 - Funk Hut: From "This Is What Radio Should Sound Like," by King Britt. A very very funky track.
  11. Super Furry Animals - Back on a Roll: From their new album called "Love Kraft." These guys are way too much fun. It's like straightforward rock and roll.
  12. Pizzicato Five - Tout Va Bien (Towa Tai Mix): From "Expo 2001."