Thursday, January 19, 2006

Return to the Exile

Alright. I got back on Tuesday night and am suffering the worst jetlag of my life. Goodness!

A few words about the trip:
  • The birthright group was excellent. I look forward to seeing more of the local group over the next semester(s). As for the Iowans, I was a little choked up when we parted, because I knew it might well be the last time I see them.
  • Guy, the guide is quite the guy. He is so much of a person that if you took away a person, you would still have a whole person left.
  • Good to see King Joey ruling once again. Tel Aviv makes a better throne than Jerusalem for His Freakyness.
  • Howard Glanzman still knows how to throw an excellent party, and as the old saying goes: it's better to drink with Howard Glanzman than to Howard Glanzman. Had I known the party was going to get broken up when it did, I would have done a lot more flirting.
  • At the rate that I am visiting my family members, I should visit all my cousins by 2013. I urge them not to give up hope in the last scion of Menachem Oded.
  • Steve Guns still lives, but I wonder what kind of a life it is for him anymore. My old friend is fading fast into a sinkhole of depression and oblivion.
  • I have picked up another 20 discs or so. More mixes to come. Tops in the bunch? MC Karolina, Shy Nobleman, and Sympozion.
  • My heart is broken that I am back here in the US. Each day I wonder why I don't live in Israel. Oh yeah, it's that crushing debt. Cut up your credit cards folks! Don't end up like me, pining for the promised land.
  • I never did get to crash Kol haCampus while there. I guess I'll have to do it next time.
My welcome yesterday was typical. I blew a flat in bumper to bumper traffic on the approach to the Tappan Zee Bridge and had to pull over to the left in order the change my tire in a driving rainstorm. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.