Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Series Artwork

Here's some design concepts for the CD label designs for my summer mix series.

I was having difficulty with the CD design. I tried using images from the web and a graphics program to create the labels. But the graphics, and the software were too difficult for me. I was unable to achieve the results I wanted.

So I recalled the way that James T. Kirk dealt with the Kobayashi Maru scenario when he was in Starfleet. Since the test was too hard, he changed the test. So instead of getting bogged down in a computer graphics project where I was doomed to fail, I changed the nature of the project. I decided that it would be a photo/craft project instead.

And so, with the help of my nephews Yonadav and Lavi and my niece Racheli, we were able to create the following pictures with fruit and beads.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Series 2007: Almost Ready for Release

The Summer Series 2007 is almost done. You can now download all the mixes. Playlists, artwork and a dedicated page on are coming soon.

You can download the music here:

I've even made a tee shirt to celebrate. It's got the summer seal on it! More merch coming soon.

Click here to check out the mennu method store.