Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Rob Tucker Can't Bring Key Lime Pie To The Seder

My good friend Rob Tucker wants to bring a key lime pie to the seder. For all his good intentions, he can't seem to figure out the whole kosher thing, let alone the kosher for passover thing. So when the key lime pie issue came up, I knew Rob and I would have an interesting conversation about it. Rob got off to a good start. He found a kosher for passover pie crust recipe.

I set up a BlogTalkRadio show for us today. You can listen to it by clicking here:
blog radio

If that doesn't work you can download the file here.

It was a fun phone call. A chef named Richard from Charlotte, NC called to participate in the conversation. He's a Christian head chef at an Orthodox Synagogue, and he had some good points.

Here's links to some of the things discussed in the show: