Monday, January 26, 2009

International Jet Set at Cosa Nostra

The past few times I've visited Tel Aviv, I end up DJing a party for my good friend and host, Howard Glanzman. This time, instead of trashing Howard's apartment, we decided to have the party in a bar. On the right is a picture of us at a local bistro, still in our pajamas, having a conversation about the party over coffee. And so we decided that we would have the party at Cosa Nostra, this Saturday night, January 31, 2009 from 8:30PM until, like, whenever. Cosa has agreed to let me handle the music that night. So it's gonna be good.

I'm going to spin some Israeli alternative along with some other international selections. I've already managed to pick up new music from Haim Laroz, Lemmus Lemmus and The Apples.

Yesterday I bought the second Braad Sessions album. The guy who makes them is a hair stylist named Collie. On the website, it lists a phone number to call if you want the new album. I called it and Collie invited me to pick it up from him in the salon. I've been enjoying it and plan on giving him some positive feedback before I leave.

Also, while buying discs in Krembo, I ran into Kutiman. I told him that his music is awesome and that he's a big hit among my friends. When I asked if he would be on tour, he said no. He prefers to work in the studio. The road is not for him. Oh well.

I'll have lots of new music to share when I return.

And now, the links: International Jet Set at Cosa Nostra Facebook Event Page, Cosa Nostra on Facebook and MySpace.