Friday, July 16, 2004


Ever wish you could just plop down for a 20 minute nap? Now you can even while in midtown. Just go to Metronaps in the Empire State Building and recline in a pod. They'll even bring you lunch while you nap.

It's like the future!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Black People Hate Me and They Hate My Glasses
Short film. Long title. True story.

A waiter on a cigarette break unravels a frenetic, non-linear tale to his fellow co-workers in an attempt to explain why black people hate his glasses. The result is a zig-zagging ride down the New York City streets of the early 90's. A celebration of storytelling and astigmatism.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cowboy Monkey Rides Dog In Show
You must see this. It's a monkey, dressed as a cowboy, riding a dog. You gotta love the internet. Where else would we be able to see monkey rodeo? A friend commented that it would be even cooler to have the monkeys dressed up like English knights and teach them to joust. I said that would be awesome. So he said, "especially when the loser, with the last ounce of his fading strength, shows ultimate monkey disrespect by flinging poo at the winner."

Monday, July 12, 2004

Bootleg Objects:
The ReBraun:

"Designed in 1962 by Dieter Rams, the "Audio 1 Kompaktanlage" is a milestone of german post-war design. It embodies, even more than its predecessor, the famous "snow-white's coffin," the design ideals of the rationalist "Ulm School." These sober paradigms of utility and matter-of-factness are playfully remodelled in the "ReBraun": Two TFT-Displays take the place of the radio scales, the lettering on the anodised front plate ironically quotes the lingo of the radio era. A randomly positioned button, labelled "Zufall" (Randomness) stands for the freedom from mechanical constraints. The antenna does not receive any FM radio, but is used to connect the system to the internet via Wireless LAN. The case and acrylic hood were lowered by several centimetres for sporty reasons (think: hot rod!), and the window that formerly contained a signal strength readout now becomes a tabernacle for the old Braun nameplate."