Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer 2007 Mix Series

My ambition this summer is to create a four mix series. I am happy to say that I'm halfway done with the music. You can download the first two mixes as .zip files. The other two mixes are still in development, but I'm still working on the order of the songs.

So here's what's good to listen to now:
Sexy Poolside Groove: My intention here is not to make you get up and dance, but rather, it's to make you shuffle in your seat a bit, or press down on the accelerator in the car.
The Hammock: Put this on before getting into a hammock for a summer afternoon nap.

In development:
Tulsa: Tulsa is just the production name. On my notes it's called "rock mix." This mix will need a title. It's got some really good and really interesting music.
Advanced Listening: This mix also needs a name. Last night I got to work on making it an actual mix. It's not a mix for everyone. Many of the songs are over 7 minutes long. Those who "get it" will love it.

On the cutting room floor:
B-Sides and Outtakes: There are a bunch of songs that didn't make it onto one of the four mixes, but they were part of the list at one time. This includes horrors like Rick Astley and Lisa Stansfield, and The Streets. This would be like my last B-Sides which was for the Global Paradigm Shift.
Revisions to the Hammock: I was going to make a number of changes, but then I figured, I shouldn't overthing things. The songs in this list could be the seed of another mix.

What I need to do now:
Artwork for the discs: I have a vision for how the discs should look. I need round fruit cut in half, and mounted on a white background. Then I need something that looks like a stamp for the summer 07 series.
Raw Materials: Yellow CD envelopes, green CD envelopes, disc labels, little round labels, quart sized ziploc bags and a whole hellovalotta blank discs.

Gratuitous exra ideas:
Make postcards or recipe cards to add into the ziploc bag with the discs.
Write liner notes with the whole "I wanna thank all my peeps cause without them..." and mabye a little "These mixes were inspired by long car drives, jacuzzis, airport bars, sand in my beard, etc..."
Have a really cool webpage for the mixes. Well, I'll probably do that anyways.

When I finish these mixes, I'm look forward to listening to a completely different playlist. Here's what I have lined up:
Dimitri From Paris: Both Playboy Mansion Discs
Mark Farina: Mushroom Jazz Volume 5
The Aluminum Group - Cannot Make You Out
Jerry Garcia - Legion of Mary
The Parson Red Heads
And anything played by any other DJ!