Friday, November 11, 2005

The Chairman Stein Stamp

The most popular item dedicated to my erstwhile radio cohost since the "Limited Edition Chairman Stein Stein."

I remember the good old days of the mennu method streaming radio station. The chairman and I would banter freely and flowingly about just about anything while listening to music and making blender drinks at 9:00AM on Fridays.

So, what's the chairman up to these days? You can read about him in this article.

Music Blog Harvest

I've been getting into music blogs lately. Why let record companies and radio stations tell me what to listen to? Why not get a personal recommendation from a genuine music afficianado?

I discovered the whole music blogging thing in an article in Wired magazine. The article mentioned Music for Robots which posts songs and discusses them. The songs are available for download for a brief period of time; something like a week. So I started visiting regularly. Then I noticed on his side bar were links to other music blogs. That's how I found my second favorite music blog: Soul Sides, which has some really deep funk and soul tracks.

Then I found the most robust of the bunch: Diddy-Wa. Here's a dude with time on his hands. The mp3 blog is excellent. There's a radio in the upper right hand corner with a playlist of about a dozen songs, and he has another blog for his mixtapes. The range is fantastic: so many different types of music.

So now I have a new addiction: I keep checking out all these music blogs. I harvest all the mp3s I can get my digits on. Then I found...

The Hype Machine - Audio Blog Aggregator

Great gleiven in a gladbag! I don't know who's behind this one, or if they are human, or android, or some kind of alien or superhero. The Hype Machine links all the music blogs together: when music bloggers post new mp3s, they show up on the Hype Machine. Now I'm rapidly running out of space again, and barely getting any sleep because there's so much great music to listen to.

My freaken ears have never been so happy.