Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Mix Making Process: Corn Forks (Version 0.8)

I've been driving back and forth from Philly to the shore this month. I'm about halfway through the month, and it seems that a playlist has begun to emerge. It's named after the compostable flatware we stock in the shore house.

My mix making technology is acting up, otherwise this mix would be online as a mix. Instead, this mix is online as links.

Corn Forks (Version 0.8)

1-Elizabeth And The Catapult-Taller Children
3-God Lives Underwater-From Your Mouth
4-MGMT-Time to Pretend
5-The Ting Tings-Great DJ
7-Hot Chip-Ready For The Floor
8-Vampire Weekend-A-Punk
10-Laze and Carnival-Girls Talk
11-Grizzly Bear-Southern Point
12-The Kingsbury Manx-These Three Things
13-Fila Brazilia-President Chimp Toe
15-Telepopmusik-Brighton Beach
16-The Pictish Trail-Winter Home Disco
17-My Latest Novel-Pretty In A Panic