Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm having one of those "really weird" days. I emptied out my pants pockets in the anticipation of taking off my workpants. I looked at the contents of my pockets laid out on the bed stand. There was an odd mixture of currencies: green dollars, purple and yellow shekels, commemorative quarters from three states and the half shekel that I nearly put in the parking meter today. My card packed, brown leather American wallet rested on top of my blue plastic Israeli teudat zehut. A folded pink dry cleaning ticket partially obscured my well-creased knitted kippah. A row of candleholders looked a bit exhausted and in need of a freshening up. The DJ business cards seemed to be completely intermingled with the Hillel business cards. The remote controls and the siddur remained trustworthy in their posts.

There are a number of tasks at hand, such as dealing with the bloated email box and unpacking. But I have a great playlist for this afternoon including an odd mixture of reissued mid-70's progressive Israeli music and few chillout CDs.


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