Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feed Me Good Tunes: Tidbits for Hip Kids

I just listened to a really fine post on Feed Me Good Tunes which is authored by jt and Silent K. This particular one was by jt, and it was pretty good.

Here's the setlist with some reactions:

BUSTER RIDES AGAIN, by Medeski, Martin and Wood
I have been trying to listen to more Medeski, Martin & Wood lately. I have a negative association with them and have not been able to properly get into their music. Thankfully I'm getting past that. This is a really decent track.

BLOW UP, by Chicago Underground Orchestra
The Chicago Underground Orchestra was like a steam roller smoothing out my afternoon. It helped create mellow vibes that allowed me to stay focused and on point with my various tasks, all the while nodding my head with that whole "yes...yes...keep on jammin there, Duders..."

Nothing bad about Jazzanova. They pop up on various DJ compilations here and there. Thier stuff is all good.

BLIND MAN, by The Lester Abrams Carnival
A fairly interesting choice: Musically sound, but I was not prepared for vocals. But hey, I should be prepared for anything.

Sparse, in a good way. All I can hear is voice, guitar and what sounds like drumsticks hitting a folding chair.

Good stuff overall. That's why I really like this MP3 Blog thing. Great exposure to great stuff. I salute you Feed Me Good Tunes!

And while we're on Feed Me Good Tunes:

Grimace Federation - 7 Avec 2, Jah Division - Heart and Soul Dub are deep and wonderful. DJ Krush - Flipshot sounds like the kind of thing that cool late 80's early 90's rappers would rap over. Good instrumental track.

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Fun Joel said...

Like the redesign, by the way.

MMW is great, and well-worth listening to again. Just avoid their album "Tonic." Shackman is good though (I think that's what it was called."

And FYI, Chris Whitley died Sunday. Lung Cancer. :-(