Thursday, January 19, 2006

Return to the Exile

Alright. I got back on Tuesday night and am suffering the worst jetlag of my life. Goodness!

A few words about the trip:
  • The birthright group was excellent. I look forward to seeing more of the local group over the next semester(s). As for the Iowans, I was a little choked up when we parted, because I knew it might well be the last time I see them.
  • Guy, the guide is quite the guy. He is so much of a person that if you took away a person, you would still have a whole person left.
  • Good to see King Joey ruling once again. Tel Aviv makes a better throne than Jerusalem for His Freakyness.
  • Howard Glanzman still knows how to throw an excellent party, and as the old saying goes: it's better to drink with Howard Glanzman than to Howard Glanzman. Had I known the party was going to get broken up when it did, I would have done a lot more flirting.
  • At the rate that I am visiting my family members, I should visit all my cousins by 2013. I urge them not to give up hope in the last scion of Menachem Oded.
  • Steve Guns still lives, but I wonder what kind of a life it is for him anymore. My old friend is fading fast into a sinkhole of depression and oblivion.
  • I have picked up another 20 discs or so. More mixes to come. Tops in the bunch? MC Karolina, Shy Nobleman, and Sympozion.
  • My heart is broken that I am back here in the US. Each day I wonder why I don't live in Israel. Oh yeah, it's that crushing debt. Cut up your credit cards folks! Don't end up like me, pining for the promised land.
  • I never did get to crash Kol haCampus while there. I guess I'll have to do it next time.
My welcome yesterday was typical. I blew a flat in bumper to bumper traffic on the approach to the Tappan Zee Bridge and had to pull over to the left in order the change my tire in a driving rainstorm. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

1 comment:

Chez said...

Well I thought I'd let you know how awfully nice it is to have you back, even though your sleepy friday night caused me great suffering.
But, as a great man once said, "The cause of justice is always served by the expulsion of gas, in any form."

Here's to you and your addiction to making drive places where, upon my arrival, you will be sleeping...