Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Years Later

There are still people living in FEMA trailers.
In New Orleans, things are fine if you live on the high ground. But if you're poor...
Many people who left New Orleans have not returned, or have since moved on.
I'll be hanging out with one such person tonight in New York.
In the meantime, we should mark this day by showing our fleur de lis, and by shouting SLIDELL!

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Stephanie said...

When I first looked at the picture, I thought you were wearing a cross on your lapel. I almost had a heart attack! Then I realized that it was a fleur-de-lis. But THEN I thought something else. I thought that the fleur-de-lis is probably a variation on the cross. Per wikipedia, it seems as if it might be some sort of proto-cross.

Shana Tova!

"As a religious symbol it may represent the Holy Trinity..." "According to legend, the French monarchy first adopted the fleur-de-lis for their royal coat of arms as a symbol of purity on the conversion of the Frankish King Clovis I to the Christian religion in 493.[5]"