Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dear Israeli Brother

On this day, March Second, in 1988, I entered the Israeli army. Three years and one day later, on March 3, 1991, I was released. I've always celebrated my release date, and this year, I am celebrating it by releasing my third introspective mix of this series.

Click here to download Dear Israeli Brother as a zip file.
Click here to download Dear Israeli Brother as a wma file.

Here's the playlist:

1-Shalom Hanoch-Lielot Shketim (Mellow Nights)
2-Shem-Tov Levy-Lifamim Ba`Shaot Hameochrot (Sometimes Late At Night)
3-Sussita-Shir Shalva (Tranquil Song)
4-Tamuz-Holech Batel (Loafer)
5-Tuned Tone-Lokeach Hazman (Taking My Time)
6-Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch-Tafasti Rosh Tov Al Habar (Got F-ed Up At The Bar) (Live)
7-Danny Ben Israel- Hantareesh (Enough With The Hash)
8-Rami Fortis-HaMavet Eino Mechusar Avodah (Death Is Never Unemployed)
9-Ktzat Acheret-Guru
10-Girafot-Kasheh Li (It's Difficult For Me)
11-Tippex-Ksheanee Livad Anee Lo Ganuv (When I'm Alone I Am Not Cool)
12-Shmulik Krauss-Al Tasimu Lev Elai (Just Ignore Me)
13-Lord Filmnap-Lo Mevin Yoter (Don't Understand anymore)
14-Rockfour-HaIsh ShehRa'ah Et Hakol (The Man Who Saw It All)
15-HaBiluim-Ballada L'Em Chad Horit (Ballad of the Single Mother)
16-Apocalypse-Haiav U'Moto Shel Mar Guskin (The Life and Death of Mr. Goskin)

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