Wednesday, May 12, 2004

More pop music from Egypt: What ever happened to love songs? How about songs about peace? I guess I'll always be on the wrong side of Egyptian pop music...
Egypt Today - The Magazine of Egypt: "He Hates Israel, Too

Meet Islam Khalil, the brains behind ?I Hate Israel? and makwagi crooner Shaaban Abdel Rahim?s other political hits
By Yasmin Moll

MAKWAGI (IRONING MAN) turned pop star Shaaban Abdel Rahim?s new album has many shaking their hips, others reaching for their Brufen and some members of the People?s Assembly so outraged they?ve suggested banning his music for life.
Titled Illi Khayif Yirooh (If You?re Scared, Go), the album has attracted attention both at home and abroad, especially since a video-clip of one of the album?s tracks ? graphically depicting Israeli leader Ariel Sharon as a vampiresque-thug ? began airing on private satellite channels.
The middle-aged shaabi singer ? who once said in a television interview that he likes his suits to match his upholstery ? came into the national spotlight in 2001 with his hit song ?Ana Bakrah Israel (wa baheb Amr Moussa)? ? ?I hate Israel (but I love Amr Moussa)? ? dedicated to the man who was then Egypt?s foreign minister and is now head of the Arab League."

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