Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Strange Case of the Shocker

As I read this article I am reminded of a similar incident when I was in high school.

Back in Frisch, we used to have a club called "The Upper Echelon Society." It was a silly group with the stated purpose of acquiring a hot tub for our school. We used to have "meetings" in the shower where members would wear ties and frequently say "harrumph." Each day a memo went out which was read and commented on by our officers. We put up banners in the school, had a flag, and even had two pages in the yearbook. Our school paper, The Stuggle, did a feature on the UES, and showed our coat of arms in the paper. Our coat of arms had an F in one corner, crossed golf clubs in the other, and picture of a hot tub with a crown over it, and our motto (a paraphrase of Julius Caesar):
"vidi, vici, veni"

Well, one day, a teacher was sitting in the lounge and reading the newspaper article and noticed the motto on the logo. When the teacher realized that it was not "I came, I saw, I conquered," but rather said "I saw, I conquered, I came," the teacher started laughing. The other teachers asked what was so funny. After they had a good laugh, they realized that it was too funny and indecent, and decided that our organization should be outlawed.

All our banners were taken down and our pages were taken out of the yearbook.

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