Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Here's a new one:

This morning I spilled a little coffee on my laptop. It wasn't a lot of coffee; it must have dripped from the bottom of my mug as I left my bedroom/computer room. I went out into the living room to chat with my roommmate and take a look at the view from the balcony. I like to see the morning sun glittering off the East River. It reminds me why I live here.

So I went back into my bedroom and saw the coffee stain on my laptop. Luckily the spill did not effect the keyboard or anything. It was an innocuous spill. I tore off a corner of a paper towel to clean it up and tried wiping the coffee off the machine. I got most of it off, but some of the coffee had congealed onto the casing, and would have to be treated with some moisture, like a schpritz of Fantastic or something. But I was in a hurry, and figured I would deal with it after showering and getting ready to get to work. So I took a shower.

When I returned to my bedroom the stain seemed to have hardened some more. And then, standing in my towel fresh out of the shower I got an idea. I took anther corner of a paper towel, gathered some moisture from my beard, and wiped the stain clean. It's the first time I have used beard drippings as a cleaning agent.

(OK. Now I really gotta get to work.)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome back upon your apparent months-long absence from the blogosphere, or at least as I have spotted it!

Have you started using your beard to store food yet?