Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Future

Here's a track listing for my latest mix called The Future. You can download it here. Don't complain that you can't skip tracks. Should you be really interested, you can buy the tracks or the album. The file is windows media (.wma) and I don't really care if you can't figure out how to download it or if your media player isn't being cooperative. I'm also not going to convert it to an mp3 file for you. I tried, but failed. I also tried to make an actual CD out of it, but it seems that that digital rights management software was working at full force, so although I was able to make an actual CD, most of it was just blank. Oh well, so much for that.

First something about the format of this post, because it's a tracklist made of links. (Mmmm, links.)
  • The name of the track will take you to the mp3 blog post that turned me on to the track.
  • The name of the band will take you to the bands website with the exception of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose website first gave me a heart attack and then gave me some seizures. I just checked it again and it seems to have stopped doing what it was doing.
  • The name of the album will take you either to Amazon or to the record label's website where you can buy the CD.
  • Then I name the mp3 blog that turned me on to the track, clicking on that link will take you to the blog's current homepage. If the songs they suggested in the past rocked, you can be pretty sure that whatever they are posting now also rocks. These folks are the real dedicated music people. They have reaffirmed my faith in music, humanity, the internet and the intersection of all three. Some of the songs were suggested by an Elf.
  • And finally, you will see some tracks marked with the word "download." These songs can be legally downloaded for free.

And here's something about the music itself: it's the music of the future today. That's right. We are living in the future with our cellphones and the interweb and all those silicon chips and whatnot. So I think it's about time to retire the classic rock you've been listening to since your childhood, forget about the mass marketed top 40 crap, put away your AK-47 inspired gangsta rap and open your ears to something new.

Now that is one exhausting and exhaustive post.


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The Camera As Pen said...

thanks & great mix!
i love b. fleischmann, too.