Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the good one

I was on the phone with my buddy The Corroborator this evening. He called right after I had changed out of my work clothes after dinner. I volunteered to wash the dishes since I did none of the cooking and the other diners have a rather long day ahead of them tomorrow. Anyhow, I started talking with the Corrob, walked downstairs, and started putting away leftovers and washing dishes. Corrob was on his way home from work talking with the hands free device. Half an hour into the conversation I tell Corrob, “You know I’ve been washing dishes pretty much from the time we started this conversation.”

“That’s the good one,” he said.

This is one of Corrob’s greatest strengths, finding wonder in the mundane. I put on my Corrob voice and parodied him, in the deep surfer dude tone of voice. “Ha, ha. Washing dishes and talkin’ on the phone. This is great.”


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