Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Introducing the mennu method radio blog!

Holy schlamola, I can't believe it! I'm back on the air!

See that little player in the corner? I'll be changing the playlist once a week. It'll be like getting a new mix every single week. Wow. So durn easy to do on my end.

I'll be putting together a track list with links and explanations for this first playlist as soon as I have a spare hour or two.

For now, I have to get downtown to the mocca lounge to figure out what's gonna be next Monday night for my birthday. I think I need to DJ. I am itching to climb into the DJ booth like nobody's business.

We'll see...

For now, enjoy the tunes and please, please, please give me feedback on the player, playlist and the radio blog concept as a whole.

Again: Yay!


Fenster said...

Holy Hey-Now!

Thith ith the cooletht thing ever.

And the mix! . . . AACH! THE MIX!!

word. scene. puke. ride.

Avi G said...

radio blog - good concept but the player turns itself off everytime I hit a link on your page or go to another page. Gotta find a way to keep it playing even if I leave your page. Great mix!

mennu said...


On the bottom of the player is a button that says "POP-UP." That'll help you listen to the music while navigating away from the page.

All the best,