Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blathering on and on over instant messenger when I was asked a really simple question

T: what's your scene right about now?
mennu: right now right now I'm in my underwear contemplating going downstairs to get my shorts on and go to the quick check to get a cuppa coff, after which I'll return and do some job applications while waiting for a call from TD waterhouse which will then necessitate a trip to Paramus. Once out, of course, I could take a trip out to MetroWest and drop off my grades and graded final exams and talk to sue about next year, but at the moment I'm listening to "Cassettes Won't Listen - Lunch for Breakfast" which is apropo since I haven't had anything to eat today, and I'm also trying to get a rough draft of the coverart for the rough draft of the mix.


stuart brown said...

mennu , listened to your mix today and
honestly loved it. I'm gonna give your card to Bruce (Loop) and see if we can maybe get you in there sometime. It's tough cos the current DJ's are scrambling for nights but I don't think any of 'em are doing your thing.
Very tuneful , melodic , trippy and well , cool basically.
Much Impressed

stuart brown said...

I effing did this already but I suppose I'll do it again... Ya bastard!
Love the mix , trying to get Bruce(Loop) turned on so maybe we can have you weave your magic there for appreciative ears.
Not only do you have fine taste in alcohol and eyeware the music is rather tasteful too.