Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Music at the Push of a Button

I'm working on a big mix for the summer. So I've spent a lot of time sifting through music, and my computer has not been holding up well. The computer regualrly overheats and has no more storage space. It takes the computer about 7 minutes to boot up, which is a pretty long time.

This morning I made a disc to listen to in the car while I go and get my coffee. I decided to shut the computer down, before I left so it would not overheat.

When I got home with my hot coffee, I had a number of very good ideas about what to put on and off the mix. I was excited to make the playlist updates on the computer. I nearly lost my enthusiasm when I thought about how long it would take to boot the computer up. As the computer began its long start-up sequence, I glanced at my clock-radio(pictured), and thought, "music at the push of a button! How novel!" I pushed the on button and was instantaneously able to enjoy mid-day jazz from Newark. The speed of delivery made my head spin.

Two Options:
1 - You could click here and listen to my local jazz station wherever you are.
2 - You could click here and listen to Clock Radio by Action Figure PartyPosted by Picasa

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