Thursday, September 28, 2006

Open Claw Speaking

Yesterday I sat in a seminar for much of the day.

By the afternoon I had grown weary of the subject matter, and was instead fascinated by the gesticulations of the speaker.

I noted her techniques of "Open Claw Speaking," and made a list of her many styles:
  • Open Claw Speaking giving way to Finger Mesh
  • Claw Rotator
  • Open Palm "Wax On"
  • Two Finger Windshield Wiper
  • Invisible Inverted Longhorn Outline
  • Progressive Chop
  • Orb Polisher
  • Wafter
  • Alternating Flipper

And then I wondered what would happen were she to battle Donald Rumsfeld with his 1000 Styles.

One can only wonder...

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