Monday, June 11, 2007

Sexy Poolside Groove

I'm working on a house mix: Something for people who walk around the pool as if it's a model's runway. You can donload a preview as one big .wma file, right here.

Nope! I removed the link. It sucks for a number of reasons:

  • I need to use my old version of Mixmeister. Every time I need to download it again, it's become more expensive and I need to buy it again. Fie on you, Mixmeister! I don't need your free trial version software! And stop creating some kind of clutter files in my music directories! I was happy with version 3. Version 5 is awesome. But no! I'm not spending $169.95 so your "intelligent" software can beat match for me! Grr!
  • Merlot Warrior: this was a great idea, and it was made in an afternoon with live mixing. However, I would like to redo this, with the samples distributed a little more sparsely. It's like when I made my first real dance mix "Smells Like Hot Dogs." It had a sample of Ralph Wiggum saying, you guessed it, "smells like hot dogs." At first I played the sample far too often for it to be good or amusing. It was just annoying so I had to remove most of them. The final version was subtitled "Lower Sodium."
  • Lisa Stansfield - Been Around The World: The audio quality on the track sucks. Like, it really really sucks. And I feel like the song can stand to have a makeover. Isn't there a house version of this song? And if there isn't, shouldn't there be? Perhaps I can send an email to Frankie Knuckles; he'd know what to do.
  • Manu Dibango - Wakafrika: I will get Afrobeat to fit into a mostly house mix.
  • The Benny Benassi stuff: I am not Benny Benassi. I should not try to be. I will remove his stuff from the mix. It's a little too hard. Perhaps I'll add it to my advanced listening mix.


  • Schpenster vs Patton Oswalt vs Andy Caldwell - Merlot Warrior
  • Stockholm Cyclo - Beginning People
  • Stigmato Inc - Reality Check
  • Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
  • Lisa Stansfield - Been Around The World
  • Manu Dibango - Wakafrika
  • Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On
  • Ben Onono/Tim Deluxe - Battle
  • The Black Mighty Orchestra - Psycho Killer
  • DB Boulevard - Point of View
  • Ben Watt/Sananda Maitreya - A Stronger Man
  • Deep House Souldiers - This Is Why We Dance
  • Michelle Shaprow - If I Lost You [Michelle's Mix]
  • Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Benny Benassi Remix Extended)
  • Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

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