Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Six Mixes in Six Days...Starting Today

Today is my 40th birthday. I usually celebrate my birthday for 5 days: from February 27 through March 3. That's a five day fest, except during a leap year, then it's six days. And luckily, this is a leap year.

Why the long celebration?

February 27 is my actual birthday, so that begins the fest. March 3 is the day I was released from the IDF after three years and one day of service. So that's like a re-birth of sorts. It was as though after three years, the army came to me, holding my life in its hand and said, "Hey! How would you like to have this again?" Well, I was thrilled! I dusted it off and resumed where I had left off. The days between my birthday and my release from the army date are filled with friends birthdays. So the party goes on.

People keep asking me if I'm doing anything special for my birthday. I am. I'm having a musical potlatch of sorts. In one of my more ambitious projects to date, I'm going to release six mixes in six days. Three of them will relate to how I'm feeling right now, at this point in my life. One of them will be a refinement of a mix that I've been working on and have asked selected friends to preview and evaluate. One will be taken off the back burner and served as is. There's one which hasn't been made yet. That'll be fun.

I've also been doing a little technical quality assurance on the mixes. Hopefully there will be no gaps in between songs, and the songs will play in order in most mp3 players and/or computers. Mixes will be downloadable as zip files containing the individual mp3 files, or as a single wma file which will play on Windows PCs and certain devices. I've tried to ensure that the tags are proper and the artwork compliments the mix.

So enjoy! Try to keep up with the output, and keep the comments coming.

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