Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cashing In This Ten Cent Life For Another One

This next installment is another introspective mix. It describes how I'm feeling right now if I could only express myself through Steely Dan songs. I could also say that my whole life has been a Steely Dan song. Don't expect to find "Reeling In The Years" on this mix. Not only is the song far too cliché for a mix like this, but you can hear it by turning on your local classic rock station.

Click here for cashing in this ten cent life for another one as a zip file.
Click here for cashing in this ten cent life for another one as a wma file.

Here's the playlist:

1-Do It Again
2-Night by Night
3-The Caves of Altamira
4-Your Gold Teeth
5-I Got The News (demo version)
6-Bad Sneakers
7-Here At The Western World
8-Any World (That I'm Welcome To)
9-Midnight Cruiser
11-The Nightfly
12-Black Cow
13-Things I Miss the Most
14-Doctor Wu
15-Through With Buzz
16-Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
17-What A Shame About Me (live)
18-Deacon Blues

  • The title of this mix is taken from Track 2.
  • The cover art is the bull from the famous cave painting in Altamira and is inspired by Track 3, which was inspired by the cave painting.
  • Track 11 isn't a Steely Dan song: it's a Donald Fagen solo song. Close enough. It's about a late night radio DJ, that's why it's there and that's why it's juxtaposed with Track 10.

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