Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This next mix is dedicated to my good friend Admiral Chuck Rettig. Chuck has been a good friend of mine for the past 25 years, and I figured I honor him with a mix. The mix has nothing to do with Chuck per se, but I used a picture of us as the album art. Chuck's birthday is February 28, so, we've always celebrated our birthday together. The fest continues!

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Here's the playlist:

1-Memphis-Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey
2-Prints-Blue Jay
3-Kompis & Erlend Oye-All Ears
4-Sondre Lerche-Airport Taxi Reception
5-Timo Räisänen-Sweet Marie
6-beat radio-what i love the most
7-Andrew Bird-Imitosis (Four Tet remix)
8-Laura Veirs-Cast a Hook in Me
9-Kathleen Edwards-Titled Untitled
10-Neko Case-Deep Red Bells
12-Kula Shaker-Dr. Kitt
13-Panda Riot-Like Flowers At Night
14-Panda Bear-Bros
15-Grizzly Bear-Little Brother
16-Minus The Bear-Throwin' Shapes
17-The Bees-The Russian
18-Guster-Ruby Falls


As usual, I have a bunch of scandahoovian artist on the mix, as well as some female vocalists. I also have a bunch of bears on this. Some of my friends got evaluation copies of this mix earlier this month. I had a little difficulty with the bear segment of the mix. I realized that the electric version of Little Brother by Grizzly Bear was a little too slow. So for as much as I liked it I had to swap it out for the original version. I had only recently gotten turned on to Minus the Bear, and wanted to have one of their tracks on the mix. There were a number of other songs either by Bear Bands or about bears that didn't make it in, but I feel I should mention them here in case the listener chooses to get more bears into their musical diet:
  • Wax Fang - Bipolar Bear
  • Bear Colony - Hospital Rooms Aren't For Lovers
  • Bear Hands - Bad Blood
  • The Bear Quartet - Carsick
  • Grumpy Bear - World Full of Nothing
  • Okkerville River - Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
  • Page France - Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear
  • Kitty Hawk - Bear in the Morning
  • Duke Ellington - Jack the Bear
  • Elvis Presley - Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
  • John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - The Bear
  • Radiohead - Hunting Bears
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honeybear
  • and a very bizarre mashup of The Knife and Grizzy Bear - Hearbeats vs. Knife
Check back tomorrow for another mix.

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